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Marital Support
(Christian Marital Assessments Project)
Dispute Resolution
(Mediation + Help)

Change My Life Project

(6 Week Program)

is an 6-week study of self examination of one's life, the practice of prayer and learning to live your truth.  It is a journey of exploration and self discovery that will lead to living a better more fulling life in the areas of career, family, health and wholeness.  You will leave feeling like your life had been transformed from inside out.​  Develop core values to change your life for the better.  Class is held Saturday mornings from 10:00am-11:30am of Hwy 85 in Fayetteville, Ga.  Cost is $250.00 per student.  Books/Materials: will be $20.00 extra and will be available on day of class. ​ Next class begins in August.

Please purchase above to register.


Most couples have not taken the time to seek Godly counsel guidance prior to marriage. As a results, issues that should have been introduced prior to marriage began to reveal themselves as the couple slowly settles in to the martial routine. 

We are available to help you make some since of it all and we are willing to introduce the hard questions and help the parties involved work it all out. Mix families, mix marriages, infidelity, arguing, finances, parenting plans, we have seen it and hear it all so don't hesitate to seek the guidance you need from Christian mediators who will carefully guide you through. 

This program supports our community outreach family programs. Please click on the HAND photo, at the top of the page to schedule.


Anointed Conversations (weekly Podcast)

Designed to help you get to your next level by providing dynamic insights to teach you how to maximize your potential as a person, professional, minister or partner.  You will be equipped to:

Increase your capacity to believe that success is possible

Become a better you

Influence people by living your truth

Enjoy life more

Become more motivate to succeed

Get out of your own way. Maximize your potential and build influence

Sometimes you just need and unbiased, third party to hear you out. We can help with family mediation, small business and church, school board, clubs and organizational issues.


What to expect at court mediation classes, help with parenting agreements, mobile notary services and separation agreements are also available. 


To enroll Call our office or email us at:
Office: 470-488-0448
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